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Russian translation services


Russian Translation

Freelance Translator Jobs

Freelance translator jobs are available to those who possess the necessary qualifications and experience

First of all, thank you for your interest in working with our company. We always welcome applications from professional, qualified translators. However, knowing another language, or even being bilingual, will not be enough to become accepted as a member of our team. Therefore we only ask you to apply if you have the relevant background. Your application will only be considered if you can demonstrate a proven track record of working as a translator. Qualifications are important but, if you have a number of years of translating experience, you could be accepted as a translator based on your background, rather than your qualifications. However, you will have to provide evidence of wide and up-to-date experience in your specialist field.

We expect all translators to work only into their mother tongue and be equipped with an IBM-compatible PC, a fax machine and an e-mail connection. If you are also able to work with MAC then this is an added benefit. As we are committed to providing our clients with the best quality translations possible, we spare no effort in selecting only the best professionals in the industry.

How to apply

Please email a brief cover letter expressing interest in working with us. Please include your rates. You can quote your prices in either UK sterling, US Dollars or Euros, stated as a rate per 1000 source words. We will notify you by email if your application is successful. Please be patient during this process, do not resubmit your application to us. If you do not hear from us within one month you should assume that your application has been rejected.

If you are not successful this time, you are welcome to apply again in the future should your experience or qualifications reach a higher standard.

Russian Translation
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