Technical translation subjects

Translation Fields Covered

Please find below a comprehensive list of subjects that are within our translating capabilities. We are contacted by a wide range of clients, from government departments to private individuals; we therefore feel that we should endeavour to find translators who can cover all the subjects requested.

The high standard of our translators allows us to meet the high standards demanded by our clients.

Although we believe that we have thus far covered all possible fields of industry, it may be that your own technical subject is not listed here. If this should be the case, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements. We have a vast network of highly qualified translators and we have every confidence that a suitable translator can be found to work on your specific project.

Computer / Software Translations:

Bluetooth, Computer Graphics Industry, Computers & Data Processing, Computers, Computing Science, Digital Storage Devices, Encryption Systems, Hardware, Help files, HTML, Information Technology, Internet, ISO Computers, LSI, Manuals & User's Guides, Network Devices, Network Interface Cards, Optical Fibre Communication, Peripherals, Semiconductors, Software Engineering, Software, Specifications, Supercomputers, Web Sites.

Legal Translations:

Agency Contracts, Applications, Bills of Complaint, Company Registration Certificates, Company Rules, Documents Related to Foreign Applications and Examination, Employment Contracts, International Legal Documents, Patent Specifications, Judgments, Lease Contracts, Licensing, Memoranda of Understanding, Mortgage Deeds, Patent Specifications for Russian Applications, Priority Certificates, Property Registration Certificates, Summons, Trial Decisions, Various Business Contracts and Agreements, Various Certificates (Marriage, Divorce, Income etc.), Work Regulations, Written Oaths.

Management, Finance and Economy:

Annual Reports, Banking, Economic Current Affairs, Economic Statistics, Economics, Expert Opinions, Finance, Financial Operations, Financial Systems, Insurance, International Relations, Loans, Management, Marketing, Meeting Minutes, News Shorts, Public Relations, Securities, Securities, Semi-Annual Reports, Social Services.

Manufacturing and Technology:

Automated Control, Automotive Industry, Aviation, Caravans, Cars, Catalogues, Construction Machinery, Electrostatic Recording, Encryption Systems, Factory Manuals, Image Processing, Instruction Manuals, Liquid Crystal-Related, Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nonferrous Metals, Optical Fibre Communications, Optics, Plasma Materials Engineering, Plasma Spray Coating, Robots, Semiconductors, Special Vehicles, Steel, Technological Cooperation, Textiles, Trucks, Turbines, Vehicle Navigation Systems.

Machinery and Industrial Technology:

Burners, Ceramics, CNC Lathes, Compressors, Control Systems, Draining and Filling Systems, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Analysis, Engines, Gears, Hand Tools, Heating and Ventilation, Boilers, Hoods, ISO, Machine Tools, Mechanical & Machinery, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Mining, Monitoring and Alarm Equipment, Nonferrous Metals, Nuclear Fuels, Oil Refining, Power Generation, Process Technology, Pumps, Quality Assurance, Safety, Sorting, Steel, Stoves, Technical Translation, Thermostats, Ventilation Systems, Welding Equipment, Woodworking Machines.

Electrical Goods:

Coffee Machines, Copiers, Digital Cameras, Digital Storage Devices, Displays, Electrical Appliances, Fax Machines, Household Appliances, Printers, Printing Machines, Radios, Scanners, Sewing Machines, TV Sets, Video Recorders.

Hi-Tech and Chemical Engineering:

Agrochemicals Translation, Biochemical Engineering, Biomaterials, Biopolymers, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Equipment, Chemical Industry, Chemistry, Cleansers, Coating, Dyes, Electronics, Enzymes, FDA Documents, Fibres, Grease, High Frequency, Inks, Inorganic Industrial Products, Inorganic Instrumentation, ISO, Laser Applications, Measurement Instruments, Medical Equipment, Micro Organisms, MRI, New Materials, Oil Chemistry Translation, Organic Chemical Products, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Photography, Physiologically Active Substances, Pigments, Polymer Materials, Polymer Membrane Materials, Porous Materials, Rubber, Superconductivity, Synthetic Resins, Various Chemistry Publications.

Translations for Civil Engineering and Construction:

Bridges, Building and Construction Industry, Civil Engineering Machinery, Construction Materials, Cranes, Dams, Design Specifications, Earth Moving Equipment, Fittings, Fork-Lift Trucks, General Construction, Internal Transport, Inventory Management Systems, ISO, Laser Surveying, Lifts, Quake-Proofing, Reservoirs, Roads, Scaffolding, Stackers, Surveying Equipment, System Engineering, Transport Machinery, Tunnels

Medical and Pharmaceuticals:

Anaesthesiology, Artificial Organs, Behaviour Therapy, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Cardiovascular Medicine, Cataract Surgery, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Clinical Medicine, Cytogenesis, Dental Materials, Dermatology, Diagnostic Imaging, Digestive Tract, DNA Research, ENT, Enzyme Chemistry, Food Additives, Forensic Medicine, Gastroenterology, Gene Cloning, Gene Modification, General Medicine, Genetics, Haematology, Health Care, Health Chemistry, Heart and Circulatory System Surgery, Hygiene Translation, Hypertension, Immunology, Implant Dentures, Internal Medicine, IOL, ISO, Medical Administration, Medical Equipment, Medical Papers for Submission to Overseas Journals, Medical Publications, Microbiology, MRI, Neurology, Neurophysiology, Neurosurgery, Nuclear Medicine, Nursing Care, Obstetrics, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Pacemakers, Pathology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Science, Pharmacology, Photocoagulation, Plastic Surgery, Prenatal Medicine, Psychiatry, Psycho Geriatrics, Radiology, Reference Materials for Academic Conferences, Reports of Clinical Trials, Reproduction and Endocrinology, Root Canal Fillers, SPECT, Surgery, Synthetic Blood Vessels, Toxicity Tests, Translation for Dentistry, Various Medical Publications.

Communications Translations:

Digital Communications, Mobile Phones, Mobile Technology, Phones, Routers, Satellite Science, Software Engineering, Speech Writing, Switches, Tape Transcription, Technical Writing, Technology, Telecommunication equipment, Telecommunications, Telephony, Textiles, Translation of Scripts, Typesetting

Translating for the Arts:

Arts, Design, Domestic Science & Crafts, Literature, Music, Translation of Poetry, Visual Arts,

Educational Translations:

Academic Books, Academic Papers for Submission to Overseas Journals, Children's Books, Education (Public & Private), Essays, Examination Documents, Hand Books for Museums and Art Galleries, Newsletters, Reference Material for Academic Conferences, Special Educational Programs, Testing Materials, Training (Continuing Education), Translation of Guide Books.


Arable, Combine Harvesters, Crops, Cultivation, Dairy, Farm Machinery, Horticulture, Organic Crops, Produce, Tractors, Hay and Straw.

Society and Culture:

Biology, Botany, Cooking, Cultural Awareness, Environment, Food & Drink, Foodstuffs, History Translation, ISO, Nuclear power, Philosophy, Translation for Tourism, Transportation.

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