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Russian Translation

Russian Translation of Operating and Instruction Manuals

Manuals are documents intended to provide detail about the manufacture, assembly, instruction, or other technical information required for the safe use of a product or service. Almost all of us have experience of badly worded or illogical instruction manuals, mainly developed as a result of machine translations from a foreign manufacturer.

However as well as the possible safety implications that an incomprehensible instruction manual can inflict on the consumer, there is the additional damage they can inflict on your brand and reputation overseas. A clear, concise and correct solution is required to meet modern customer demands as well as consumer legislation. The importance of good instruction manuals can be demonstrated as follows:

  • They are the final face of your company, product and brand
  • Show how the product works and how is should be operated
  • Highlight important design features as well as safety of use
  • Help to increase customer satisfaction levels
  • Create tangible savings on customer support programmes
  • Support your customer’s requirements and help with future sales
  • Reduce the number of returns and complaints
  • Provide increased protection from liability claims

Frequently, such manuals are produced as an afterthought with little consideration for foreign users. They may use jargon or industry-specific terminology that is very difficult to translate. Our team of Russian translators are trained in rendering material into Russian in a way that non-experts can understand; even where expert jargon is frequently employed. In the end, a fully localised manual is prepared and then sent to its destination to aid your export growth.

Russian Translation
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