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The biggest submarine in the world - the Russian "Shark" is going to be salvaged

It was a perfect and unique submarine. Chief designer Kovalev said that the ships equipped with the Typhoon system are able to shake the world. "Shark" proved this with its the results it demonstrated. The submarine has been mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records after it reached the North Pole twice and was able to pass through ice layers several meters thick on its way. It made six autonomous cruises. It was respected by all Russian Northern Fleet. But most of all it was loved by captain-mechanic Alexander Nenashev.

He constructed the submarine which was Russian navy's pride and tested it in sea. In December 1999 Nenashev started working in this submarine (the second of "Shark" series subs) as chief captain of its civilian crew. For over three years this crew of high qualified professionals maintained the sub operating capabilities. All the time the captain hoped the submarine whose operating resource had not expired, could be used for civilian purposes. The captain was happy to hear the discussion of the idea of using the submarine as metal ore carrier. Powerful Norilsky Nickel company were thinking of this, but finally rejected the submarine carrier idea as Utopian.

The day of the last submarine trip in water area arrived. It was moving from the plant salvaging ships landing-stage to the dock for the final stage of salvaging. Before this, the works on removing its waste nuclear fuel were conducted by "Zvezdochka" state enterprise. On November 13, as soon as the weather conditions became better and strong wind stopped blowing, the crew of plant's section # 22 alongside with Nenashev's crew started moving the submarine.

As soon as “Shark” took off from the landing stage platform, the ships in the water area blew their sirens saying good-bye to the submarine. Among the sailors saluting the submarine were deputy commander of the submarine division Igor Zavaryg and "Dmitry Donskoi" atomic-powered submarine commander Arkady Romanov. It was sad for the commanders to see for the last time the submarine honored Russian Navy.

They continued questioning why this very sub was salvaged, providing that its resource allowed to operate it for 15 more years or even longer… But the work is done, and "Shark" is on the dock's ground. The constructors have a difficult assignment of cutting out the sub reactor block and preparing it for transportation and long storage, processing the salvage products. Plant's section #55, the departments of construction and technology, supply service will have to work hard. But how about our captain? He says about the submarine as of his beloved person: "I will never forget." Life goes on, and Nenashev is going to conduct repair work for another submarine of "Shark" series. It is coming soon.


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