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Russian News Stories

A news information service from Anna Bowman Translations Ltd.

As part of our mission to bring you the highest quality Russian translation, we understand the need to keep ourselves informed as to events in those countries where Russian is the spoken language. To this end we wish to share some interesting and important stories that have emerged in Russian over recent times.

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Election results from Kazakhstan
Russia sells defence systems to Iran
Shopping for fun, not just to survive
TATU - it's time for us to grow up now!
Reliable forecasts for the Russian ecomony?
Russia may end military links with Ukraine
Plans to salvage the Russian 'Shark'
Will Putin continue in the top job?
US influence in Asia needs to be reduced
Russia starts purchasing "flying tanks"
World Bank acknowledges Russian oil export
Demographic crisis poses danger to Russia
Putin puts faith in Russian gold reserves
A plane ticket becomes a luxury item
Putin's visit to Japan brings progress for both
Russian prisoner wins a trip to London!
Chechnya returns to normal life slowly but surely
Russia wins economic battle with USA
Putin to fly new presidential jetliner
Russia pulled into $1 billion art dispute
Russia fails to convice Iran to compromise
Russia and Uzbekistan join forces
2,500 Russians suffer food poisoning
The lack of patriotism in Russia
Russia to build new defence systems
Immigrants inundate Russia
Putin Vows to Keep Army Strong and Urges Reform
Amnestry for migrant workers coming to Russia
What the former Soviet Republics owe Russia
Elections in Azerbaijan
Russia disregards old communist holidays
Russia sets a record for lawsuits filed
Russians credit Putin, but criticize the power
Proposed legalization of arms sales in Russia
Russia tests Topol-M missile
President Putin expresses his vision
Viktor Yushchenko's son drives his luxury BMW
Russian Navy abandon 22 submarines
Woman tries to sell daughter's internal organs
Ukraine's activities may bring another Cheronbyl
Plans to change Russian Emblem
Russian man sentenced to eight years in prison
Third anniversary of Moscow hostage crisis
Russian people want foreigners to understand them
The rivalry between Russia and the Ukraine grows
Limitless freedom of speech does not exist
Bird flu hysteria
Corruption is like an insurance premium

Russian Translation
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