Quality Translations

Quality Translations

We deliver quality translations

Quality control procedures

As a provider, we are determined to give you quality translations.
As a client, you should expect nothing less.

Our quality control process is aimed at ensuring high quality work. It begins from the moment you contact us and is carried through until even after we have delivered your translation. Your dedicated project manager can answer any questions you may have regarding your project and, of course, all the work we complete is backed up by our full guarantee.

The First Step to Quality Translations

Our quality control procedure begins by reviewing your material and requirements thoroughly prior to the start of any work, ensuring that all relevant questions are answered and a price structure is agreed. We carefully record all information related to each assignment so that no elements are missed. No matter which service you require, the most important step in this process is matching the assignment to the best possible linguist.

Highly-Skilled Translators Only

We carefully select the translator, or translators, who can complete the project to your exact requirements. We only use translators who have professional knowledge of the relevant subject areas and are native speakers of the target language.

Quality Inspection

We control the quality of assignments by checking all or part of the material to the greatest possible extent. The translators we work with apply their own systems but we ensure the quality of the work by reviewing each project upon completion. If quality issues arise, we continue this process until any highlighted issue is resolved.

Depending on the level of service you require, we will assign editors and proof-readers, who also work in your specialist field, to double check the draft copies. The proof-reader, editor and translator will jointly discuss issues in order to maintain consistency in the wording of your translation.

TM Software

Another instrument we use to help ensure the consistently high quality of all finished work is translation memory software. This should not be confused with translation software, which can never return a quality document for anything other than general information or fact gathering purposes. We also have an extensive database of customer-specific glossaries for consistent terminology.


Our aim is always to gain as much feedback as we can on the finished text, as this improves quality translations over the long term. We use assessment forms that provide feedback to the translator and also enable us to follow up on the quality levels of individual translators. The results are confidential, but are recorded in order to ensure that we select the best resources when awarding future assignments.

Please contact us today to find out how our quality translations can help your business.

Quality Translations
Quality Translations
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