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How we translate

We translate English to Russian text by following a well developed 6 stage process. This process has been developed to ensure that when we translate documentation it will carry the same message, with its impact, tone and nuances, as the original.

We will take your English copy through the translation process from start to finish, from a mere idea to a publishable entity.

Our translators are involved in this process from the beginning, which helps to develop a consistent working pattern. Through careful management and repetition of the process steps we build continuity into how we translate English to Russian. This is a key part of our quality control procedure.

The six steps are as follows.

Analysis - Before we start to translate English to Russian, we analyze the subject matter, linguistic requirements and scope of the job. We discuss your goals and objectives with you.

Job Assignment - Our Project Manager appoints the most appropriate translation professionals to work on your document. This, depending on the level of service required, could be a single translator or a team of translators, proofreaders, editors and DTP experts.

Dialogue - As work progresses, your Project Manager will communicate frequently with you and your team. Research is part of this phase, as is localisation. Part of your team may be located in another country, so we build glossaries to ensure consistency in current and future projects.

DTP - Once the translation is complete we can turn your document into a publishable format, in your choice of platform and software. This is an optional stage depending on your own requirements.

Final Proofing - We undertake a full review of the translation where the original translation team are asked to rephrase, or rewrite, sections if necessary.

Delivery - You receive the translation in your required format, on time!

We translate English to Russian texts as a 'full service' company. What we can provide is far more than just words. We can offer long term support for ongoing projects, such as Russian website localisation or contract negotiations.

The Russian language is our passion. Putting your words into the Russian language is our business. We can give you the solutions you need.

We appreciate your time...

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English to Russian
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