english to russian translators

english to russian translators

English to Russian Translators

Our English to Russian Translators are chosen with quality in mind

Our translators have to have an in-depth knowledge of language and extensive experience in their specialist fields. They must have all the qualities necessary of a 'communications professional'. Our English to Russian translators will deliver an efficient and well-written message to accomplish your goals.

We are fully committed to creating the strongest possible language team.

Our specialist English to Russian translators work exclusively within their chosen subject areas and can translate for the same client on a regular basis to ensure consistency. Our business process management keeps track of all translators, their job histories and any other relevant information about them. This enables us to allocate the most appropriate specialist for any of your translation requests.

At all times, our English to Russian translators are asked to adhere to a strict code of ethics, emphasising impartiality and confidentiality. All linguists are also expected to participate fully in professional development.

How we select our English to Russian translators:

Our recruitment process is extremely rigorous, designed to identify the right people with the right skills for our team. We select our translators according to the following criteria:

They must have a high level qualification in either linguistics or translation.

They must be native speakers of the target language and must have lived in the country of their mother tongue.

We favour translators who have also lived in an English speaking country, which helps to heighten their awareness of cultural differences.

They must have appropriate subject area knowledge and experience.

Our translators must be familiar with any translation tools required to carry out specific translation tasks.

They must have appropriate telephone, fax and e-mail to facilitate ease of communication.

Each of our English to Russian translators must have at least 3 references, which we can check, and at least 3 years of professional experience.

They must have access to all relevant terminology resources.

Before being accepted as part of our team, they will be asked to translate a related sample text, which is checked for correct terminology, grammatical correctness, completeness of information and general overall presentation.

Ongoing support and quality control

Once accepted our English to Russian translators can be handed assignments. At regular intervals, their work is evaluated in terms of all the initial criteria, but in addition, we enter information about their ability to meet deadlines. Every 12 months, each translator will face a review based on client feedback and may be asked to undergo a further test, or undertake additional training.

Our Translators

Methodology is vital, and our English to Russian translators receive regular updates regarding new procedures. This is to ensure that they approach all their tasks in the correct manner.

Their skills are honed through our continuous development system, whereby we make sure that all translators in the team receive regular feedback on the quality of their work.

As a result of our efforts, we have been able to put together a highly motivated team who fully understand the disciplines associated with remote working. Working without supervision, using initiative to solve problems and having an organised working environment are crucial aspects of freelance translating.

Please contact us to discuss your translation requirements.

english to russian translators
english to russian translators
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