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Russian Translation

English - Russian Translation

If you need a translation then it is because you want to communicate with someone who does not understand you in your own language. That statement seems fairly obvious, but you might be surprised at how often the core element is overlooked by many translation companies. That core element is, of course, 'communication'.

It is vitally important that the translated article communicates exactly what you want to say; which means not just employing a good translator, but one who fully understands the subject matter at hand. Especially if the subject is of a technical nature

Unfortunately, this scenario tends not to happen in a great many cases. A translated letter or document will arrive from a foreign company and the text can be so clumsy or unreadable that the only available option is to file it away… in the bin. It is not safe to assume that a translated document will say what you expect it to.

Unless you know the Russian language, you will simply not be aware of any mistakes. However, your client certainly will be and a rewrite is going to cost yet more money. On top of that, you will have already lost credibility with the reader.

The key is to employ a translator who is native to your target country, and an expert in your subject matter. Get the English - Russian translation right from the very beginning, and your Russian audience will respect you more; simply because you have made the effort to communicate with them at an intelligent level in their own language.

Choosing an English Russian translation partner for your business should be made as carefully as choosing an accountant or solicitor. At Anna Bowman Translations Ltd we're proud to have built a reputation for high quality translations and website localisation.

Russian Translation
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