email translations

email translations

Email translations

Email translations service for businesses on the move

Do you have regular English-Russian emails or correspondence with your Russian prospects?

If you need a fast, responsive, email translations service to keep you in touch with your Russian prospects then we can offer you the solution. This service is very flexible, custom made and very popular among our private and corporate clients due to its convenience.

Also please review our special services for personal translations.

What is an email translations service?

You would set up an account with us allowing us to handle the translations of your regular emails. When an email arrives, or when you want to send one, you would forward the body text directly to us where we can begin to work on the translation. There would be no need to call or arrange this service it would all happen automatically.

Because we would have all your details on file, we would be able to begin work on the email translations straight away. No need to sign agreements, discuss subject matter or negotiate a price. Everything would take place very quickly and smoothly. You would be forwarded the finished email directly to wherever you wish.

Can I trust the translation?

The service is provided by professional, human translators who will be experienced in your business sector. We will, on most occasions, use the same translator team on each email in order to maintain consistency. The email translations will be accurate, but for legal or contractual documents that may need to be relied upon we do recommend that that they are verified. We do not use software to translate. A Public Notary service is available, subject to time restraints.

How long does it take to set up the service?

Typically 48 hours.

What does it cost?

The service is negotiable and depends upon the projected quantity of email translations your business requires. A monthly invoice would be forwarded. All prices would be primarily based upon our regular rates and would be subject to the usual quality control procedures.

What if I only have a few emails each month?

This particular service has been designed for companies and individuals who regularly have large volumes of emails which need to be translated. Smaller volumes can be handled on an individual cost per word basis, or could be dealt with quickly through our Express & Abstract Translations service.

Contact us today for a comprehensive cost proposal based upon your communication needs.

email translations
email translations
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